El Cajon DMV Credit Cards

DMV El Cajon Credit Cards
EL Cajon DMV Accepts Credit Cards

Does The El Cajon DMV Take Credit Cards?

The State of California DMV does not take credit cards when you go in to a field office. The forms of payment that are accepted are cash, checks, and debit card. This can be a huge inconvenience when you need to get your car registered and you are low on funds. There is good news on this front. Skip The Line Vehicle Registration located right next to the EL Cajon DMV takes credit cards. If you find yourself in on one of the following situations, you may need to pay you California DMV Vehicle Registration Fee’s with a credit card.

Just purchased a vehicle and need to pay the sales tax?

The sales tax on the purchase of a vehicle can be a unplanned expense. If you find yourself in this situation Skip The Line Vehicle Registration can collect the sales tax via credit card and hand you, your completed vehicle registration.

Vehicle has been impounded for expired registration or parking tickets?

Towing companies charge outrageous fee’s and you might not have all the money to pay for the DMV fee’s and tow bill. Skip The Line Vehicle Registration can collect your parking or toll tickets on credit card. We can also process your expired registration on a credit card.

You do  not have a debit card or the debit function of your card is not working?

Many times we find customers do not have a debit card. Do not let this stop you from paying your vehicle registration and incurring penalties on your car registration. Skip The Line is here 6 days a week and is very flexible when it comes to what types of payment the DMV accepts.

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